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        Liaoning Yinzhu ChemTex Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter Yinzhu Group) was established in May 2004. It was originally founded in 1976 basing on large state-owned enterprise - Yingkou Chemical Fiber Factory. After equity transfer, it forms a modern enterprise group. Combining R & D with production and sales, it is one of the leading professional private joint-stock group specialized on manufacturing Nylon 66 textile fibers in China.
         Yinzhu Group achieves rapid expansion of capital and mushroom growth of production recent years under its capital operation and self-development. Its total assets reach 500mRMB currently and nearly 1,000 employees. Its leading product is nylon 66 for civil textile under brand of Yinzhu and Yinglong. Its total annual capacity is 16ktons. The products are widely used in hosiery, clothing fabrics, home textiles, professional fabrics and other civil and industrial fields.     
         Yinzhu Group occupies 40square meters, owns power plant, water supply plant and special railway lines, which realizes self-sufficient utilities. Land and energy resources are rich enough for expansion. The enterprise owns state-level enterprise technical center and experimental base with strong S&T development capacity. The main production equipment and testing instruments are all introduced from modern countries. In addition to the management, production and R&D capabilities, the product quality, technological content and added value etc. rank the leading in domestic industry.
         Yinzhu Group is committed to the development and production of chemical fiber for over 30 years. With its wealth production and technical experiences, it has 2 main famous brands of Yinzhu and Yinglong with 3 categories of filament, staple fiber and resin, 3 series of bright, semi-dull and full-dull and 3 main fields of civilian-based, industrial-use, multifunctional. Its product rang contains 40 varieties of specifications. The enterprise has accredited the ISO9000 international quality certification. The super fine count of nylon 66 always maintains a strong champion in the domestic market. The quality of nylon 66 resin has reached world-class standard. Nylon 66 full-dull products with completely independent IPR won a big success of independent innovation of enterprises. Yinzhu Group's brand and its products has high reputation in the chemical fiber industry and weaving industry, it occupies an important share in the domestic market and it exported to the United States, Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas etc.
       Yinzhu Group has state-level R&D center, which has developed "PET/PA composite superfine filament," " Nylon 66 heat-resistant elastic weft yarn" and 66 full-dull nylon series products, etc. These're ideal materials to weave luxury clothes, a variety of professional logo clothing and heat-resistant fabric today in the world. 
        Yinzhu Group has achieved a number of awards granted by national, provincial and municipal authorities. And Yinzhu brand is granted the title of "China Famous Brand". "Yinzhu" trademark is affirmed as "Chinese Famous Trademark" by SAIC.
     Yinzhu's management is a united, industrious, efficient, pragmatic fighting collective with pioneering and innovative spirit. Chairman Mr. DU Xuan is an expert in textile management and technology. He had ever studied abroad in American Roosevelt University and achieved American MBA degree. He is granted government subsidy by the State Council of China as professor-level senior engineer.
      Yinzhu Group is a shining pearl of the Bohai seashore by the Liaohe River. It is entering into a new stage of development. It dedicates to bring a natural and luxurious life to our society by its continuous mission of offering maximum satisfaction to our customers, creating wealth for our shareholders, supporting our employees to realize their value and making contribution to our society with its spirit of Solidarity, Dedication, Pragmatism and Innovation. Let's jointly weave a splendid world with Yinzhu fiber. 


Liaoning Yinzhu Chem-Tex Group Co., Ltd
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